Car Hire / Fleet Management

We offer Car Hire Services to both corporate and individuals. Our Car Hire Services include:

Airport Pick-up & Drop-off

We offer airport pick-up and drop-off services. You can book any of our vehicles in advanced to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride to and fro the airport.

Full Day Rentals Within Lagos

Book any vehicle for full day use within Lagos. You have the option of either driving yourself or we can assign you a driver to take you around Lagos depending on your choice.

Inter-state Travel

Book any of our vehicles for inter-state travel. We ensure that all our vehicles are in good state of maintenance and repair to ensure you arrive your destination safely.

Long Term Lease

Do you require reputable vehicle leasing organizations with national coverage that can provide vehicles for your operations and field workers? If yes, we can help you with your long-term lease requirements for any type of vehicle.

Fleet Management

You can register your vehicle with us and earn some extra income from it. We will inform you when we have rental/hire jobs or long-term lease offers to earn you some extra revenue.

We also have customised fleet management services that guarantees you a monthly income. Please, stages of engagement below:

  • Provide us with your insured car
  • Car joined fleet being managed by Kevron for 24 months
  • Get paid monthly for the agreed duration (24months)